5 Big Clues: The Walking Dead Season 7

5 Big Clues from the Latest Sneak Peek Video of The Walking Dead Season 7: Recently, AMC released a sneak peek video for episode 1 titled Right Hand Man at the New York comic-con event. This video shows the visuals after Negan’s kill and gives away more than you think!

So, if you haven’t watched the episode 1 sneak peek yet, then click here and watch it now!

After analyzing this sneak peek, we have found 5 big clues that hint what is going to happen next in the season 7. This sneak peek also hints Negan’s victim.

Walking Dead Season 7 5 Big Clues

5 Big Clues from The Walking Dead Season 7

After Rick gets dragged away by Negan, the camera pans down and we see the mess that used to be one of your favorite characters. A garment is lying on the ground, which appears to be what Daryl was wearing, but that clue is so obvious that it’s probably meant to throw us off. However, in the blood and bone, it appears there could be a sickening hint of who was on the receiving end of Negan’s bat.

Check out the 5 big clues from the first footage after Negan’s kill. SEE BELOW:

1.) Rick Survives: He is not Negan’s Victim

2.) Is Rick About to Lose His Hand in The First Episode?

3.) Maggie’s Engagement Ring: Is She the victim?

4.) Maybe Abe got the bat?

5.) Daryl’s Blanket Mystery


In the first round of “eeny meeny miny moe” play, Negan selects Maggie, but Abraham takes the hit… and thereafter Daryl comes forward to stop all this mess. Here… Negan’s men put Daryl back into the line and a 3-minute long conversation is done between Rick and Negan (as we have seen the sneak peek).

So all this happens… and later the viewers will see the second round of “eeny meeny miny moe” play…, where Glenn will be killed by Negan! Read Also: Season 7 Episode 1 Prediction

So guys, what do you think about these 5 big clues?

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