The Walking Dead Season 7 Leaked Spoilers Episode 1 to 8

Some information about The Walking Dead Season 7 has been released by the popular spoiler dead fans. The fan page reveals the description about the first eight episodes of the season 7. So, if want to know then proceed at your own risk.

According to the popular spoilers dead fans  page, this information is not confirmed. It is based on thorough tracking and investigation. So, if you still want to know about the season 7 unknown secrets then go ahead… and read The Walking Dead Season 7 Leaked Spoilers for the first part (covers 1 to 8 episodes).

The Walking Dead Season 7 Leaked Spoilers Episode 1 to 8

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The Walking Dead Season 7 Leaked Spoilers First Part (Episode 1 to 8)

Episode 7.1 Highlights:

  • We believe Abraham and Glenn Rhee will both fall victims to Lucille.
  • Daryl Dixon gets taken prisoner by the Saviors.
  • Negan takes Rick on an adventure in the RV.
  • There is a rumored dream sequence, which will feature the main characters including the Lucille victims. There is also supposed to be a Glenn and Maggie’s baby in this scene.

Episode 7.2 Highlights:

  • Seems to focus on the inner-workings of the Sanctuary.
  • Daryl may be tortured as a prisoner. He might make a failed escape attempt!
  • Dwight is involved in a chase scene (You can see in the comic-con trailer), where he and a few other Saviors chase down a rogue savior who has escaped the Sanctuary.

Episode 7.3 Highlights:

  • In this installment, we meet Ezekiel and Shiva!
  • The Kingdom’s people and Morgan will take part in some sort of piggy roundup.
  • We learn more about the Kingdom, King Ezekiel and check in with Carol and Morgan.

Episode 7.4 Highlights:

  • Negan and his team come knocking at “Alexandria” for Team Family’s first “offering.”
  • Negan moves around a captured Daryl, who is wearing an ugly prison outfit.
  • Rick is forced to carry around Lucille while Negan and the Saviors take half their shit.
  • Rosita and Spencer seem to pair off and go outside the barriers together. Michonne also goes off on her own for some unknown mission.

Episode 7.5 Highlights:

  • Enid and Carl appear to journey to the Hilltop. Carl will be seen driving a car over walkers.
  • Maggie and Sasha are shown living at the Hilltop. We assume Maggie recovers.
  • Judging by the official comic-con trailer, there is a fire and several walkers penetrate the Hilltop gate.
  • Simon and the Saviors visit the Hilltop for their offering. Carl and Jesus sneak into one of Negan’s trucks.

Episode 7.6 Highlights:

  • This appears to be a bottle installment showing what happened on Heath and Tara’s supply run that started last season
  • Tara and Heath appear to get parted when they run into walkers on a bridge.
  • Tara encounters a small group of children and women who we think have been mostly killed by the Saviors.
  • Tara makes it back to Alexandria. However, Heath doesn’t. This doesn’t necessarily mean he is dead. We just don’t know at this point.

Episode 7.7 Highlights:

  • Since Carl Grimes appeared to be filming inside of one of the Saviors’ trucks, we feel positive that Carl will get his comic arc with Negan. We believe, we’ll see several things from comic book issues – 104/105.
  • Aaron and Rick Grimes seem to be on a supply run while Carl Grimes sneaks off to the Sanctuary.
  • Michonne also appears to be on an unknown mission and encounters a mystery woman who we believe is a Savior.
  • Rosita and Eugene make bullets.
  • Negan takes Carl back home to Alexandria and will encounter Judith.

Episode 7.8 Highlights:

  • Spencer dies in this episode! We think he will get his famous guts scene from the comics.
  • There are some whispers that Olivia might be a goner in this episode too.
  • Michonne was filming in a car with an unknown woman from episode 7.7.
  • Rick, Michonne, Carl, Tara, and Rosita go to the Hilltop.
  • Eugene might get captured or leave ASZ in this installment. He is at the Sanctuary until episode 11.
  • We think this will be the installment where Daryl Dixon finally escapes the Sanctuary. He might receive help from Jesus as well as somebody from inside the Sanctuary. We think he will surely reunite with Rick and other members at the Hilltop.

It sounds like we have a badass season to look forward to this year. The Walking Dead season 7 returns on OCT 23/24 in the USA and UK on AMC and Fox TV respectively.

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