Will Negan Cut Off Rick’s Hand in The Walking Dead Season 7?

At the New York comic-con event, a sneak peek video for episode 1 titled “Right Hand Man” was released by the makers. In that video, a 3-minute long conversation was shown, happened between Rick and Negan. This video hints at a big iconic moment from the comics and raises a serious question – Will Negan Cut off Rick’s Hand in the upcoming season of The Walking Dead?

Here is a tweet, which is done by the walking dead officials:

Check out these comments also:

It looks like Rick’s past will finally come back to haunt him in the seventh season of “The Walking Dead” and Negan will take away more than just two or three members of Rick’s group. Will Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan chop off Rick’s right hand in Episode 1 of Walking Dead Season 7?

Will Negan Cut Off Rick’s Hand in The Walking Dead Season 7

Will Negan Cut Off Rick’s Hand in The Walking Dead Season 7?

We made a theory 2 – 3 days ago about what happened to Rick when he gets taken into the RV and it was in the comment section of a megathread. So if this seems familiar, we didn’t steal it.

So, Will Negan Cut Off Rick’s Hand? Read Theory Below:

Rick is taken into the RV and then after a little chat with Negan, Negan attempts to cut off Rick’s hand… then something happens outside, which causes Negan to stop.

We believe either the second person who dies interrupts Negan from cutting Rick’s hand off or Maggie faints and someone tells a Savior that she is pregnant and sick, so one of the Saviors goes up to the RV and opens up the door right before it happens which causes Negan to not to cut off Rick’s hand and tells him what has happened.

Of course, if this happens, two people are already dead outside. We think they would do this to show us that Negan would do anything to anyone but also is willing to help them and that he is in control.

We also believe this would happen, but it’s a bit of long stretch, the Saviors take Maggie to their doctor and when they go to visit Alexandria, they drop her off there. She then decides to go to the Hilltop because she doesn’t feel safe at Alexandria anymore and she needs a doctor she can trust to take care of her.

So according to our theory, Negan won’t cut off Rick’s Hand in The Walking Dead Season 7.

Creators of The Walking Dead TV series have also dismissed this idea several times. So, it’s not going to happen in the season 7!

What do you think? Will Negan cut Rick’s hand off to teach him a lesson in the season 7 premiere? Let us know in the comments.

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