TWD S7: Negan’s Victim Clip Leaked!

The Walking Dead is all set to return with its seventh season on OCT 23, 2016. On the very episode, the identity of Negan’s victim will be revealed. But, I think you don’t have to wait for the season 7 premiere until OCT 23 because a new leaked clip shows Negan’s victim.

This clip is uploaded by 999 gaming on the YouTube channel. So if want to know, who Negan kills in the season 6 finale before the season 7 official release… then watch the leaked clip of Negan’s victim below:

The Season 6 of Walking Dead ended with a big cliffhanger that showed Negan killing someone with a baseball bat he calls “Lucille.” Viewers offered several theories about Negan’s victim.

Some said it could be Glenn Rhee if the TV adaptation will follow Robert Kirkman’s comic book. Others said AMC Network might depart from the comic version and Negan will kill a different character.

What do you think? What will happen in episode 1 of The Walking Dead season 7?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below… and don’t forget to share this leaked clip on social sites.

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